Cafe CQT (Kurikotto) 焼き菓子 カフェ クリコット

Fukuoka Cafe

Cafe CQT (Kurikotto) - Located in an old apartment building now filled with artist and retail spaces. The owner who serves hand dripped coffee drinks and baked goods she has prepared for the day operates the cafe.

The cafe has a small gallery space and sells items from local artist. We picked up a Glass Car by Izumi Morikuni  and a Cermaic Boat by Koubousora.

Kuriko is the shop corgi dog.

Website: (blog in Japanese only)
Address: Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka, Minami Ward, Ogusu, 3 Chome-7-26 Asada Building 2nd Floor

Date Visited Nov 26, 2014