Usagi no Nedoko ウサギノネドコ

Kyoto Unique Store

Usagi no Nedoko (rabbits sleeping place) - located in a renovated Kyoto-styled machiya (townhouse). They are known worldwide for their Sola Cubes - natural items cast in clear acrylic. They also run a single room guest house upstairs.

This unique shop also sells other nature related items and curiosities such as fossils, gems, rocks, shells and seed pods.

We picked up 2 Sola Cubes and a crystal object.

Shop: (Japanese Only)

Sola Cube Website: (english page)

Address: 37 Minamiharamachi, Nishinokyo, Nakagyoku, Kyotoshi, 604-8432 Japan

Date Visited: Nov 23, 2014