Hatenohama - Kume Island (Japan Trip Nov 2016)

Hatenohama はての浜 is off the shore of Kumejima  久米 in Okinawa Prefecture. Hatenohama is a 7 km sandbar that can only be accessed by a 20 minute boat ride from Kume island. November is the off season so the charter boat from our hotel only did one trip a day. We were also required to wear life preservers if we were going into the water. Unfortunately because it was the off season, we were only allowed to be on Hatenohama for one hour. We did go in the water for about 5 minutes and spend the rest of the time wandering and collecting shells and coral.

Miyakojima 宮古島 (Nov 2015)

We travelled around the many beaches of Miyakojima, Okinawa.

Okinawa - Miyakojima Highlights:

  • Yonaha Maehama Beach (与那覇前浜ビーチ)
  • Pani-Pani - Kurima Island (来間島)
  • Higashi-henna Coast (東平安名岬)
  • Doug’s Burger
  • Sunayama Beach (砂山ビーチ)